Is there anything than we can say about Hawaii that hasn't been said already?

We haven't been everywhere in the world. But we've been a few places and there is really nothing to compare to this island paradise. There are places with more beach and palm trees. Place with nice people and interesting cultures. There are travel destinations with wonderful food and culture. And places with wonderful weather.

But really there is only one place that has it all. And we were lucky to have found it first on our honeymoon all those years ago. Lucky for us too that we did. Frankly, we came because that is what people do no honeymoons - go to warm sublime climates and spend even more time getting to know one another.

We were kind of shocked at first. Not by those beaches, palm trees and weather but by the kind of culture we never knew existed. A placed where people take it easy and easy on each other. A place where music and dance and great food are intertwined with everything they do.

And all these years later we know why. Because underneath it all is a true vibrant culture founded by the Hawaiians and nurtured by all the ethic groups that have come and joined the community. If you want a fast paced, high energy kind of vacation you can do better than Hawaii.

But if you want to sink into a tropical feeling and luxury that isn't matched anywhere else on earth come visit Hawaii and experience the Aloha spirit. It’s a very real thing and we guarantee you'll love it.